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Nanoflon is the product processed with regular thickness and width from PTFE. It is outstanding for its electric property, non-stickiness, and non-absorbance. And because of its low coefficient of friction PTFE is mainly used for TCP Pre-Bonding in LCD Module processing, but can also be used for TCP Main Bonding and PCB Main Bonding. of LCD PTFE, no resin residue remains after ACF compression.



Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 2.13~2.19
Water absorption(%) < 0.00
Mold shrinkage(㎝/㎝) 0.02~0.05
Contact angle
Thermal Properties Thermal conductivity
2.4 x 10 -⁴
Melting point(℃) 327
Maximum Temp.
for continuos use(℃/℉)
Mechanical Properties
Tensile strength(kgf/㎠)
Elongation(%) 150~350
Compression strength (kgf/㎠) 600~700
Hardness (Shore) 57~64
Thickness 25㎛~300㎛
Width 10㎜~1524㎜